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Staffing Factoring

Collecting payment for your staffing invoices quickly and reliably has never been more important than in today’s difficult economy. While there are numerous staffing factoring companies, only a select few provide safe, reliable, and immediate cash for staffing companies.

The Process of Payroll Factoring:

Staffing factoring, also known as staffing funding, factoring staffing, payroll factoring, or payroll funding is a method where staffing companies can be paid immediately for the services they have done, regardless of when the client pays. The process begins by you submitting your staffing invoice to the factoring company who will purchase your invoice at a discount and then in turn collect the staffing invoice from the client. The benefit to you is that you get paid immediately upon submitting the staffing invoice as opposed to waiting 30 to 60 or more days to be paid.

Increasing Cash Flow with Staffing Funding:

Unfortunately, cash flow problems are common in the staffing industry.  Utilizing a staffing factoring company can significantly relieve those concerns by providing immediate cash. The staffing funding company will take care of collecting the funds so you can focus solely on your business.  They take on the burden of waiting and collecting payments on invoices which will no longer be your problem.

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Bank Loans / Non Recourse Factoring:

A major benefit of factoring staffing invoices is that you gain access to cash without incurring any debt.  Loans may be available to generate cash flow, as well, but that option comes with a cost. Using bank loans to pay your receivables may prevent you from getting other loans to for your business. Or, you may have credit issues that limit your ability to qualify for bank loans at all.  At G Squared Funding we may allow you to benefit from nonrecourse factoring in which we focus on the credit profile of your customers, not your own credit which is a major benefit of staffing factoring and staffing funding.


  • Free up hours spent invoicing and collecting payments - we'll take care of it.
  • Put debt free working capital into your business.
  • No long term loans or monthly payments of any type.
  • Cover payroll, overhead, and cost of goods sold.
  • Expand operations and be able to fill large orders.

What kind of staffing companies come to us for help?

  • Young companies experiencing growth that need cash today.
  • Mature companies that have capped their working capital/credit and need more leverage.
  • Companies dissatisfied with their current factoring company.


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