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Factoring Services

We provide immediate and inexpensive cash flow for your business as well as the following features:
-Fast Same Day funding or funding within 24 to 48 hours

-No minimum volume requirements

-Free credit review for your accounts

-Administrative support, full service billing, online account management

-Full Collections Service

-Fed Ex Overnight Discount Program

-Wire and ACH transfers for all accounts

-EFS transfers

-Referral fees

-Open and short term contracts

-Transportation Freight Bill Factoring Services

-Broker Factoring Services

-Staffing Company Financing and Payroll Funding

-Business Lines of Credit available for all Industries


Non-Recourse Factoring 
We keep it easy and simple.  With Non-Recourse Factoring you don't have to worry about reserve accounts, buybacks, etc.  Once you sell your invoice to us, you can forget about it.  That is the beauty of Non-Recourse Factoring.


Recourse Factoring 
Lower rates than Non-Recourse Factoring.  You take on the credit risk.  A reserve account is established and buybacks can occur.  If your accounts pay quickly, this is a better option.  
Protect Yourself with Free Customer Credit Reports 
In today’s economy it is difficult to know if and when you'll get paid for your services.  To help protect our clients, we offer free credit checks to all of our factoring clients.  You may check credit on all of your customers, even if you don't factor them, and determine whether you want to do business with them.  This free service is provided to all of our factoring clients.  All you have to do is factor 2 invoices per month with us.


Not Just Factoring
Why spend your time creating invoices, sending invoices out and trying to collect on past due accounts?  Leave this tedious work to us! Work on growing your business and making a better living.  We'll take care of the invoicing and paperwork.

Transportation Factoring
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Staffing Factoring
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